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How Can a Chiropractor Help Me?

Chiropractic: An In-Depth Review...

What Exactly is Chiropractic and How can it help me? If this is a question you had then this section is for you! There are many ways in which a chiropractor can help you but picking a GOOD chiropractor is CRUCIAL to ensuring that not only you get benefits from chiropractic care but you also protect yourself from the potential dangers associated with chiropractic care! If you still have questions after reading this section please feel free to call our clinic to get the answered– (801) 388-3640

The vast majority of people in South Ogden associate chiropractic care with back pain but the Origins of Chiropractic Science started in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. The old tale says that good ole’ D.D. Palmer slapped the first chiropractic patient, Harvey Lillard, on the back which resulted in a “pop” of his spine with instant restoration of hearing!

D.D. Palmer postulated that poor spinal movement caused compression onto the nerve roots that exit the spine. This compression decreased the flow of “energy” (now known as action potentials) into the body. The lack of movement and the associated decreased energy complex was referred to as a “subluxation.”

Over course of the next 120+ years chiropractic science has evolved with modern science techniques that have allowed it to move past its pseudo-scientific origins to mainstream science and medicine. 

Unfortunately, not all of the chiropractic profession has embraced the new progressive changes associated with modern science. Many old orthodox chiropractors believe in “adjustment-only” treatments FOR LIFE! This is only reflective of 8-12% of the chiropractic profession and recently, the American Chiropractic Association has started to highlight and expose this small fraction of chiropractors for these outdated practices.

Choosing a Modern Chiropractor who uses Integrative Medicine to address your health problems from multiple angles is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL when selecting your Chiropractic Physician. Rocky Mountain Spine & Injury Chiropractic ONLY employs Evidenced-Based chiropractors who use Chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, nutritional consults AND rehabilitation exercises ALL TOGETHER to give your the BEST possible results! 

Have you ever wondered how chiropractic is different than regular medicine and how it even works for some many people? 

This section is perfect for you!

A concise scientific explanation to Chiropractic medicines is that chiropractic adjustments directly and positively affects the body’s musculoskeletal structures by increasing proper joint motion and decreasing pain. 

Musculoskeletal Structures include muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, joint capsules and all the associated fascial layers. An adjustment from a chiropractor will work to stretch and realign fibers in these tissues allowing for increased joint motion and tissue health. It can almost be compared to a deep but super quick stretch. However, after stretching these structures it is important to train the muscles and nervous system to adequately control the regained motion. This is where therapeutic exercises are VITAL TO TREATMENT.

Any doctor who treats muscle, bone and/or joint pain SHOULD NEARLY ALWAYS use exercise if they are going to be giving you chiropractic adjustments. QUICKLY RUN from any chiropractor who blindly adjust you without making sure your body has the strength, coordination and endurance to control the increased joint movement!

A recent study by Bussieres et al. (2016) showed that neck exercises were crucial and part of the guidelines in treating whiplash patients. If you are currently being treated for injuries from a motor vehicle accident and they have not given you ANY exercises… RUN QUICKLY!


Bussières, A. E., Stewart, G., Al-Zoubi, F., Decina, P., Descarreaux, M., Hayden, J., & … Ornelas, J. (2016). Original Research: The Treatment of Neck Pain–Associated Disorders and Whiplash-Associated Disorders: A Clinical Practice Guideline. Journal Of Manipulative And Physiological Therapeutics39523-564.e27. doi:10.1016/j.jmpt.2016.08.007

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care with evidence from clinical research include benefits in pain and functional ability for:

  1. Low Back
  2. Headaches
  3. Neck pain
  4. Arm or Leg pain
  5. Whiplash/Motor vehicle occupant injuries

These areas have good evidence for the health benefits of chiropractic care and more information can be found at the National Institute of Health: Chiropractic- In Depth.

These 5 areas are the wheel house of most chiropractors but at our clinic we focus on treating ALL the injuries associated with a motor vehicle accident.

Evidence for chiropractic care in treating injuries from a car collision is solid and growing. This is one area of chiropractic treatment that even most mainstream practitioners can reflexively refer their patient to a chiropractor… IF they know one they can trust!

Good chiropractors that most medical providers tend to trust and refer to have some common characteristics:

  • Education: at least a bachelors but a masters and advanced certifications are even better!
  • Philosophy: Modern chiropractors understand the VITAL importance of medicine in the healthcare realm and SHOULD NOT discourage you from seeing your regular medical doctor!!! In fact, chiropractors your Primary care physician can trust will co-manage patients together for best results.
  • Scope-of-Practice: Modern Chiropractors understand when to refer out and what health problems they can effectively address. This means that chiropractors should stick to the above mentioned 5 areas UNLESS they get additional training.
  • Evidence-Based: Most importantly, regular medical providers trust chiropractors who DO NOT claim to treat symptoms unrelated to the musculoskeletal system with adjustments!! Evidence-based chiropractors will not radiograph you repeatedly prior to a trial of conservative care.
  • Neck Adjustments: Finally, most medical providers will recommend you DO NOT get your neck adjusted by a chiropractor. This is related to rare potential side-effects that “are likely more rare than being struck by lightening” but still a very serious adverse effect. Good chiropractors will be gentle and VERY selective to who gets these higher risk procedures including a cervical neck adjustment. Trusted chiropractors thoroughly screen for disease that would increase the probability of a significant adverse reaction (rheumatoid arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, alar ligament instability, etc). If you do have one of these disease you can be treated by a chiropractor safely using other treatments INSTEAD of a chiropractic adjustment including massage, traction, manual therapy, ice heat, stretching and exercise.

Chiropractic Education: Typically takes 8 years of undergraduate and graduate school to get your doctorate and then one has to pass 4 separate sections on national boards by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. More information on National Boards taken and passed by our Doctors of Chiropractic can be found at

Education can vary between chiropractors and it is ALWAYS critical to ask your potential chiropractor what their level of education is prior to starting care. To treat your injuries related to a motor vehicle collision the doctor of chiropractic should have ADDITIONAL training outside there graduate program. This information is NOT adequately taught in nearly ANY doctorate program (MD, DO, ND, DNP or DC). This information should be considered a specialty due to the complex intricacies associated with these injuries. It is HIGHLY UNADVISABLE to be treated for your motor vehicle occupant injuries by a Doctor of Chiropractic who does not have an Advanced Certification in Whiplash Biomechanics and Brain Injury Traumatology through the Spinal Research Institute of San Diego.

Our Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Ian Sequoia Earle, has over 10+ years of education. He has earned his:

  • Associates in Health Science from Weber State University,
  • Bachelors in Human Biology
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic from University of Western States
  • Advanced Certification in Whiplash Biomechanics and Brain Injury Traumatology via Spinal Research Institute of San Diego
  • (Currently) Working on finishing his Master’s in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

To say the least… Rocky Mountain Spine & Injury Chiropractic IS WELL EQUIPPED to Examine and treat your motor vehicle collision injuries.

It’s Time to Get the Results You DESERVE!

Why pick us to treat your injuries from a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Because… We make getting treatment… Simple.

  • We get Results… (look at our PERFECT 5-star rating)
  • Quicker recovery times than typical chiropractic office
  • Highly Qualified Doctor who you can count on in court!
  • Integrative Care using massage, chiropractic, nutrition & rehabilitative exercises.
  • 24/7 appointment availability.
  • Treatment is 100%  covered for car accident patients. WE WILL NOT BILL YOU WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE & CONSENT PRIOR TO TREATMENT… ALWAYS!!!

If you are ready to try the next level of Personalized Healthcare then call (801) 388-3640 to schedule your appointment today!

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